The NEAT Group


Our website is all about how you can save money.  The Neat Group of Companies has been operating for 10 years.  During this time we have helped some 5,000 companies.  We do not charge for our services and we are entirely independent of all suppliers. All products are carefully researched and we have unique independent testing facilities.

We offer the following products and services, details of all of which can be found on this web site.

  • NABS
  • The one stop business service. Making use of our 5,000 hours research to find the best services and products.
  • EnDorFin
  • A range of financial services available to businesses and individuals.
  • ACAT
  • This organisation carries out site surveys and provides controls to increase efficiency and cut costs.
  • TenGo
  • A range of energy saving products from lowest cost gas prices to savings on fuel usage for cars and transport.
  • Communications
  • TenGo has some 100 products to improve your efficiency and to cut costs. We believe that our prices are the lowest available, compatible with service, sound quality, financial stability etc.
  • Saving Costs in the Home
  • A recent article in The Sunday Times showed that households waste on average £3,000 per annum.  You can help save much of that by consulting The NEAT GROUP.
  • Help for New Businesses
  • We provide a range of services to help new businesses
  • Affinity Schemes for Charities
  • We can help charities, leisure clubs and companies to raise money for any purpose without any outlay by the organisation concerned.
  • Publications
  • A range of useful and interesting publications.
  • Recruiting/Brokerages
  • To develop our unique range of services, we have some 40 people and organisations working to help business to be a bit more efficient.
  • Understressed Benefit
  • The NEAT Group saves businesses time.  The best deals are available on request, so there is no more need for searching. Just call us for whatever you want.
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